Marriage preparation is probably one of the most overlooked areas in marriage today. Most couples spend most of their time and efforts in preparing for the wedding that lasts but a few hours at best, and spend little or now time at all in preparing for the marriage that God designed to last a lifetime.


If you are thinking of marriage, are engaged or have been married less than two years-we hope you will consider prayerfully attending the next Marriage Preparation class.


We believe that every couple should have at least a year of dating that precedes engagement and that the engagement period and preparation should be well organized and unrushed. Four to six months is the recommendation by marriage experts, and many churches today mandate that, in order to use church facilities and pastors. During that time, wise couples seek pre-marital books, mentoring and coursework to help prepare them for their early years of marriage.


The Marriage Preparation Class is aimed at providing a powerful education and awareness classes for those entering marriage. The class provides thought-stimulating classroom experience with marriage professionals and in class mentoring, giving new couples’s greater understanding of the early months of marriage.

Material is geared to help stabilize and give spiritual and emotional growth in those early years of marriage, where personalities often clash, adjustment gets rough and society encourages divorce.


Our vision is that couples will be resistant to society’s traps, and turn instead to Christ and the church to learn how to make a godly marriage; one that becomes a model for their peers.


This is an eight-week couples experience that will equip you to live together in dynamic connection for life, with topics like Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy, His Needs and Her Needs, How to Talk to Each Other, What Are Roles, etc.


The class is also designed to provide specific tools for those entering second marriages. We recognize that re-marriage is inherently more difficult in those early months than first marriages-even more so when there are children involved, making family blending a significant challenge. With a 65 to 70 percent failure in second marriages, our goal is to see those couples take greater deliberation before marriage, such that the failure rate falls precipitously.


Please the link below to request for Premarital Counseling. One of our pastors will connect with you with you on what next to do.