The journey of faith is a lifetime process that exposes you to a deeper communion with God. Cultivating your faith involves prayer and meditation, worship, reading the Bible, and serving others. Here at Regents Assembly, we encourage you to take a continuously cultivate your faith and Grow in it.


Our Wednesday bible class is an interactive class where we explore several topics in the Bible and we encourage each other on our journey as Christians.  Whether you’re new to Regents Assembly or you’ve been attending for years, this class is an opportunity to further explore the Word and collectively grow in your understanding of the Word We hope to see you soon!


Once you’ve made a decision to follow Christ, your next step is getting baptized. Baptism is a physical act of conscious obedience by which you identify yourself with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection; it symbolizes the death of self and resurrection to a new life in Christ; and publicly declares ones faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


We believe that the renewal of your mind starts with spending time with God every day through prayer, meditation, listening to the word and reading your Bible. Because, if you create time to be in the presence of God, there is a renewal that takes place in your mind which allows you to approach life with wisdom and understanding from God


We come across people on a daily basis—family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors—and so many of them need love, peace, hope found in Jesus. Whether you invite them to join you at church or to watch online, you can have an eternal impact on someone’s life through a simple invitation. So, who  will you invite to church today?


Regents Assembly offers resources to help you grow in your faith. Visit our Media Page to access these resources and transform your life now. No matter what stage of life or faith you are in, there’s something for you